Product Conceptualization
UX / UI Design

Our mission is to help companies, publishers & magazines to reach their customers, employees & users with their content - through one of the most powerful content channel: mobile apps.

Template Designs

Three out of six offered app designs are displayed below. However, a lot of enterprise customers choose to create a custom design together with us. .


The conceptualization of the appful dashboard was an exciting challenge. On the one hand, our customer target group consists of managers from middle- and large-sized companies. On the other hand, the dashboard has to enable the user to create a complete app from scratch. This starts with the connection of relevant content sources, continues with the general description of the app until finally, the creation of in-app pages and the analysis of the performance . With this in mind, we carefully designed a solution, which is simple to use and easy to understand. Elements, such as a process bar and a one-page support chat, were set up to ensure that our customers are able to achieve their goals as smoothly as possible.